1017 Cyclocross 1 - Mike Lyle Buena Vista Park, 16 mi, 1481 ft el, 93 ft/mi

0.0 Poinsettia & Alicante
0.0 E Poinsettia
0.7 R S El Fuerte
0.7 L E Cabrillo trail
1.0 R SE paved bridge
1.1 L N dg trail at top of climb
1.6 L E Via Conquistador
1.7 L E Rancho Caballo
1.7 L N Carrillo
2.0 R SE Paseo Descanso
2.1 R SW dg uphill challenge
2.2 R W dg uphill challenge
2.2 U-turn at fence
2.2 R E dg downhill challenge
2.3 L NW Paseo Descanso
2.4 R NE Paseo Privado
2.4 L NW trail before gate
2.5 R NE dg trail downhill
2.9 x NE cross Paseo Privado
3.1 L NE trail up at T-intersection
3.2 R SE White Sands
3.2 L SE dg trail down
3.5 R S at T trail up
3.6 R E trail at Acacia
4.0 L W Hazelnut
4.2 R N Acacia
4.2 R E White Oak
4.3 L N dg trail
4.4 L W Acorn
4.5 R NW Acacia
4.6 R N dg trail
4.6 R NE trail fork
4.7 U-turn at fence
4.7 R NW grass field
4.8 R W dg trail
4.9 L SE Acacia
4.9 R SW trail before Acorn Rd
5.2 R W Acacia
5.3 R W dg trail at Aspen Ct
5.5 L SW trail T
5.7 R NW White Sands
5.7 L S trail down
5.8 R NW trail
6.0 R NW Paseo Privado
6.2 L SW trail
6.6 R NW Melrose
9.2 L E Green Oak firestation
9.2 L S trail gate
9.2 L E trail under Melrose
9.7 U-turn at fence (note elephant!)
9.7 L S singletrack
9.8 R W trail
10.0 R W trail at utility plant
10.2 R W trail after Melrose underpass
10.3 L SW trail T
10.6 L NW fork
10.9 R SE trail fork
11.0 R S trail T
11.0 = S trail fork
11.6 R S Melrose
13.0 R W trail after Accutek
13.1 R N trail at utility bldg
13.1 L SW trail fork
13.7 L SE El Fuerte
14.4 R SW Gateway
14.5 L S Kasi parking lot
14.5 R E Town Garden roundabout
15.0 L S Alicante
15.9 return to start

Use a compass to help directions
dg= decomposed granite (between sand and gravel)
Awesome cyclocross route.
Some challenging short and steep and loose hills with bumps over railroad ties. Keep your speed up and steady, hands loose on the bar.
Some steep and loose descents. Brake when it is safe, roll when it gets loose and sandy.