1004 San Elijo, Elfin Forest. 26 mi, 2565 ft el, 98 ft/mi

0.0 R Alicante
0.2 L Poinsettia
0.9 R El Fuerte
1.1 L Rancho Pancho
1.4 L Paseo Lunada
1.5 R Via Conquistador
1.9 L Rancho Caballo
2.0 L Carrillo
2.1 R Melrose
4.2 L San Elijo
7.5 L Ridgeline Trailhead
Break restroom
7.6 L Twin Oaks Valley
9.2 R Craven
9.4 L Campus View
10.0 R La Moree
11.9 R Barham
12.4 R Meyers
12.7 R Corporate
13.0 L Progress
13.0 R Country Club
14.6 R Country Club
15.0 R Harmony Grove
18.3 = Elfin Forest
21.1 L San Elijo
22.3 R Melrose
24.7 L Poinsettia
26.1 R Alicante
26.3 return to start

Short and sweet route takes in the best of Elfin Forest. After some warmup climbing out of Leo Carillo Ranch to the base of San Elijo, experience the climb of champions up to the top of the San Marcos range. Take a break at the upper trailhead. Down the other side, stroll through the campus of Cal State San Marcos. La Moree is a fun rolling back road, leading into Harmony Grove and Elfin Forest, which is still a prime bike route. Return much the same on Melrose to Poinsettia. Put this route in your back pocket!