999 Roller Coaster to Los Gatos. 57 mi, 5950 ft el, 104 ft/mi

0.0 R Olive Hill
3.3 R Olive Hill
5.4 L Mission
7.0 R Main
8.0 L Kalmia
8.1 R De Luz
9.3 R Sandia Creek
14.1 L Buenos Campos
15.0 R Tierra Rica
15.1 L De Anza
15.3 R Camaron
17.3 L Carancho
18.8 R Los Gatos (climb!)
19.8 = Avocado Mesa
20.1 R Via Volcan
21.3 L Tenaja
23.0 R Cll Pino
23.8 R Gallop
24.3 L Ave La Cresta
24.4 L Hombre
25.2 L Calle Bandido
25.8 R Calle Huerto
26.8 L Hacienda
27.6 L Escala
28.4 L Tenaja
31.4 R Via Volcan
32.6 L Avocado Mesa
32.8 = Los Gatos
33.9 L Carancho
35.3 R Camaron
37.4 L De Anza
37.5 R Tierra Rica
37.7 L Buenos Campos
38.5 R Sandia Creek
42.2 R Sandia Creek
43.4 = De Luz
44.6 L Kalmia
44.6 R Main
44.6 L Kalmia
44.9 R Olive
44.9 L Mission
46.0 R Gumtree
47.6 R Live Oak Park
48.8 R Reche
49.2 L Green Canyon
50.8 L Winter Haven
51.1 = Winterwarm
51.4 L Alta Vista
53.6 L Via Monserate
53.8 R La Canada
54.6 R La Canada
55.0 L Mission
56.1 R CA-76 W
56.9 R return to start

Route starts from Bonsall McDonalds at CA-76/Olive Hill/Camino Del Rey.
1/4 mile West of Bonsall Apple Market
The point of this ride is the challenge of climbing Los Gatos, 700 ft el gain in 1 mile, average 17% with a fair bit of 25% grade thrown in. Tough beyond tough.
There is a slight break after the steepest section. The road curves to the right and you can sit and recover (or remount), then the final pitch of 20% grade will drain the last of your reserves.
A triple chainring (granny gear) is recommended.
Did I say it was for hill lovers?
Sandia Creek, aka the Roller Coaster, presents its own challenges. The tough hills of Sandia Creek favor a southbound ride.
The ride North on Sandia Creek is quite a challenge of hill after hill.
The return ride South on Sandia Creek allows for many of the descents to provide momentum for the next ascent. Kind of fun!
There is a slog through North Fallbrook across Main and Gumtree, but the reward is a pleasant journey down back roads of Fallbrook rather than the main highway of Mission St.