958 The Strand. 2.5 miles, 15 ft el, 6 ft/mi
Nothing is more fun than a kick-back cruise down the sandy Strand, watching the waves, the surfers, and the tan bodies.
You will be biking the wrong way on a one-way street. It is not legal, but enforcement is lax if you keep it down to a beach cruise pace. Pull over and stop to yield to oncoming traffic.
When you get to the Oceanside Pier, signs will forbid passing under the pier. It is not legal, but go slow and you are almost a pedestrian.
The annual bicycle Race Across America starts from the Oceanside Pier, and I remember talking to one of the racers from Germany one year. He was almost in tears. "I thought all those Hollywood movies about the California beaches full of bikinis and beach volleyball were make-believe . . . But it's TRUE!"

0.0 R Breakwater
0.1 L The Strand (wrong way!)
0.5 pass under Pier (Do Not Enter!)
1.3 U Wisconsin (end of Strand)
2.5 R Breakwater
2.5 L North Coast Village