Burts Black Canyon, 103 mi, 8380 ft el, 81 ft/mi

0.0 R CA-76 W/Mission
0.6 L Camino Del Rey
0.9 L Camino Del Rey
5.5 R N Old Hwy 395
11.3 L Jesmond Dene
13.8 R Broadway
17.1 R Valley
17.3 L Escondido
20.5 L El Ku
20.8 L Kit Carson bike path
21.0 R exit path to Beethoven
21.0 L Beethoven
21.5 R path on East side of Bear Valley
21.6 L Mule Hill Trail (unpaved)
24.2 R exit trail to Highland Valley
24.2 L Highland Valley
35.2 L CA-67/Julian/Main
39.8 L Magnolia
41.1 = Black Canyon
47.2 L Black Canyon
47.4 R Black Canyon
54.0 L Mesa Grande
59.1 R Mesa Grande
59.2 L Mesa Grande
59.3 L CA-76
76.5 L Valley Center
81.7 R Sunset
82.2 L Vesper
84.6 R Valley Center
86.1 R Lilac
89.5 R Lilac
91.0 L W Lilac
92.8 R W Lilac
101.3 R Camino Del Rey
101.6 R Camino Del Rey
101.9 R CA-76/Mission
102.6 L return to start

This epic-like ride has 103 miles and 8,400 feet of climbing. After a direct route to Escondido, take a flat dirt trail (2.5 miles) over historic Mule Hill to the bottom of the Highland Valley climb. After the hardest climb of the ride up Highland Valley, take a break in Ramona at about mile 38. Then comes the highlight of the ride; up Black Canyon to Mesa Grande. This remote scenic road has about 12 miles of well graded dirt. From Mesa Grande swoop down past Lake Henshaw, past the "Y", and the screamer downhill to Rincon for another break at mile 76. After the always annoying climb up S6, hop on Vesper to Lilac for the run to the barn.