814 Oceanside out SLR trail, back Oceanside Blvd. 19 miles, 845 ft el, 44 ft/mi

0.0 L Alamosa Park
0.6 L N Santa Fe
0.9 = SLR trail
1.8 R Tyler
1.9 L Andrew Jackson
2.0 R SLR Trail
9.6 R RR underpass
9.6 L N Pacific
9.8 R Breakwater
9.9 L The Strand (wrong way on one-way)
11.1 L Wisconsin
11.5 R Ditmar
11.9 L Oceanside
14.4 L El Camino Real
14.9 R Mesa
19.1 L Robinwood
19.1 L Rio Plata
19.2 R Alamosa Park
19.3 L Return to start

Note: Mile 9.8 takes you the wrong way on a one-way
street (The Strand). It is a beach tourist street,
and if you stay under 12 mph, you become a beach
cruiser. Slow down, yield right of way, stop and
enjoy the beach. If you do not feel comfortable
with this idea of riding the wrong way, or do not
want to ride a lazy sightseeing ride, just stay on
N Pacific St. It was just a detour suggestion.