Route 582 - Rainbow Time Trial

This is an out-and-back group ride. Everyone does a warmup ride for 7 miles to the start point. Then everyone starts together and rides an out-and back course. Go out for an hour, then turn around. Everyone can go whatever speed they like - leisurely or time trial. If everyone turns around after an hour, then everyone should return to the start about the same time.

A sub-group of the riders will do this as a time-trial challenge. The fastest of those riders will go about 18 miles.

Warmup to Nutmeg
0.0 Start OCRR
0.0 R Via Vera Cruz
0.3 L Discovery
0.7 R Craven
3.8 L Woodland
5.4 R El Norte
5.6 L Country Club
5.8 R Country Club
6.7 L Nutmeg
STOP after turn
Regroup &  restart
All u-turn in 1 hour

0.0 Start Nutmeg
0.8 L Center City
3.1 = Champagne
7.7 = Old 395
17.5 R Old 395
17.7 L Old 395
1 hour U-Turn
Return regroups at
Pala grocery mart &
Champagne Campgrnd

0.0 Campground reset
7.9 R Nutmeg
8.7 R Country Club
9.6 L Country Club
9.7 R El Norte
10.0 L Woodland
11.4 R Mission
14.4 L Las Posas
14.9 L Grand
15.0 R Via Vera Cruz
15.4 R OCRR

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