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Carlsbad, California

 Route 538 - LIfe is RAD in Carlsbad 

46 miles, 4885 ft el, 106 ft/mi
Start San Marcos, OCRR (Old California Restaurant Row)
(Behind Acapulcos and Fish House Vera Cruz), 1020 San Marcos Blvd., between Hwy 78 and Rancho Santa Fe Rd.

For a short 31 mile version, see route 426
For a regular 41 mile version, see route 362


0.0 L Edwards Cinema
0.3 R Las Posas
2.2 R Borden
4.1 R Twin Oaks
8.1 R Double Peak
9.3 U Parking lot
High five
10.2 R San Elijo
13.3 L Rancho Santa Fe
15.7 R Cale Barcelona
17.6 R Leucadia
18.3 R Quail Gardens
19.0 L Quail Hollow
19.7 R Saxony
20.6 L La Costa
21.9 R Coast Hwy 101
26.9 R Tamarack
27.7 R Vons
BREAK at Vons
27.7 L Pio Pico
29.1 L Las Flores
29.4 R Jefferson
30.1 R Marron
31.3 R Ave de Anita
31.9 L Carlsbad Village
33.7 R College
34.7 R Cannon
36.1 L Hemmingway
36.7 R Twain
37.0 U end overlook
High five
37.1 L Tolkein
37.4 L Whitman
37.7 L Faraday
42.0 = Park Center
42.9 R Business Park
43.6 L Poinsettia
44.0 R Linda Vista
44.9 R Linda Vista
45.9 R Las Posas
46.1 L Edwards Cinma
46.4 = OCRR

Updated 2/20/2011

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Carlsbad, California