444 Flat 50 to Bonsall. 49 mi, 2700 ft el, 55 ft/mi

0.0 R Coast Hwy
3.0 L Eaton
3.1 R Broadway
3.5 L Cassidy
3.6 R Pacific
6.0 R San Luis Rey River Trail
6.1 L SLR Trail
13.1 Break potty stop at park
13.1 R exit to College after underpass
13.2 R College
13.4 R N River
13.6 R N River
16.9 R Holly
17.0 L Holly
17.3 R Kari
17.5 R old bridge
17.9 L Old River
20.4 R Camino Del Rey
25.0 R Old Hwy 395
30.2 R Deer Springs
32.6 = Twin Oaks
35.1 R Borden
37.1 L Las Posas
38.8 R Linda Vista
39.8 L Linda Vista
40.7 L Poinsettia
41.2 = Lionshead
42.0 R Melrose
42.5 L Faraday
46.9 L Cannon
48.7 R Cannon Park

Good route for a flat time-trial.
Warm up on the SLR trail, but not too fast because the other trail users are novice.
Take a potty stop in the park before exiting the SLR trail and the real effort begin.
The only real climb begins after passing Lawrence Welk Resort from mile 29 to 30.
The Deer Springs descent is treacherous - 30 mph for you, 60 for traffic, no shoulder, two lane highway. Check your mirror often.
Minor hills on Borden, near the end of Faraday, and at the beginning of Cannon.
Easy recovery down Cannon into the finish.
Nice half century.