407 The hole in the fence and back. 46 miles, 1600 ft el, 35 ft/mi

0.0 N Coast Hwy 101
0.8 L Eaton
0.9 R Broadway
1.3 L Cassidy
1.4 R Pacific
4.0 R Harbor
4.3 R Harbor
4.7 = Vandegrift
base ID check
6.2 L Stuart Mesa
13.2 L Las Pulgas
13.6 L base exit
14.0 R park n ride / old 101
17.3 = San Onofree campground
23.1 U-turn
32.3 L Las Pulgas
32.4 enter base (ID check)
32.6 R Las Pulgas
33.0 R Stuart Mesa
40.0 R Vandegrift
41.5 = Harbor (exit base)
41.9 L Harbor
42.2 L Pacific
42.5 R Breakwater
43.1 L The Strand
43.8 L Wisconsin
43.9 R Pacific
45.0 L Cassidy
45.1 R Broadway
45.5 L Eaton
45.6 R Coast Hwy 101
46.3 R Magee Park

Best bike ride in Southern California. Low traffic, lightly
rolling native California coastal land. And a few tanks.
Photo ID (driver's license) required to enter base.
Your ID will definitely be checked.
Note: At Mile 42.5, choose to either stay on Pacific through Oceanside,
or detour as shown to The Strand. The Strand is a wonderful beach
cruise, but it is a cruise. You will be riding the wrong way on a
one way street for a while, so go slow, yeild to oncoming, maybe
stop and put your foot down. It is the beach, and if you are clearly
cruising and yeilding, you will probably be ignored by any officers.
At the pier, signs will warn to turn around. Ignore them and go on
through under the pier. Again, you are just a cruising tourist.