289 Highlights of N County Century. 101 mi, 7364 ft el, 73 ft/mi.

0.0 Exit West side of train, Tyson St
0.1 R Pacific
1.0 R San Luis Rey River Trail (RR underpass)
1.1 L San Luis Rey River Trail
8.7 L Andrew Jackson
8.8 R Tyler
8.9 L San Luis Rey River Trail
9.7 = N Santa Fe
11.8 L Osborne
12.5 L Hutchison
13.9 R E Vista
14.2 L Gopher Canyon
15.4 L Little Gopher Canyon
16.9 R Old River
18.7 R Camino Del Rey
19.1 L W Lilac
27.6 L W Lilac
29.4 R Lilac
30.9 L Lilac
34.3 R Valley Center
35.5 L Woods Valley
38.6 Break Bates Nut Farm
39.8 R Lake Wohlford
45.7 L Valley
46.0 R Beven
46.2 L Escondido River Trail
46.6 R El Norte
49.2 R Ash
50.7 L Rincon
51.0 = Country Club
53.0 L Country Club
53.1 R El Norte
53.3 L Woodland
54.8 L Barham
55.2 R La Moree
57.0 L Campus View
57.6 R Craven
57.9 L Twin Oaks Valley
59.4 = San Elijo
61.0 L Elfin Forest
61.2 Refuel Albertsons
64.6 = Harmony Grove
69.0 R Harmony Grove
69.4 R Harmony Grove
69.7 R Hale
70.1 R Ave Del Diablo
70.3 L Citracado
70.8 R W Valley / Del Dios
79.0 R El Montevideo
79.1 L Mimulus
79.9 L Ave De Acacias
80.0 R Via De La Cumbre
80.6 L San Elijo
81.2 R Via De Fortuna
82.0 L El Mirlo
83.0 R Rancho Santa Fe
83.3 L Harvest Market Refuel
83.4 L Manchester
84.9 L Manchester
86.7 L San Elijo
87.3 L Chesterfield
87.4 R Coast Hwy 101
98.9 L Eaton
99.0 R Broadway
99.1 L Cassidy
99.5 R Pacific
101.3 R Mission
101.4 R Cleveland
101.5 L Topeka
101.6 R Tremont
101.6 R transit parking
101.7 return to start

Century highlights many of the most popular cycling routes in North Couunty:
* San Luis Rey Trail is the longest dedicated bike path in the county, and popular among cyclists who want to avoid the road.
* Little Gopher Canyon is nasty to get to (usually avoid Gopher Canyon Road), and is short, but it is one of the prettiest roads in the county, and worth the trouble.
* Lilac is a great climb, beautiful N County scenery. It would be a shame to "improve" it into a highway to Valley Center.
* Woods Valley is wooded and curvy, and taking a break at Bates Nut Farm is a treat.
* Lake Wohlford is a wonderful rolling rural lakeside road, with a fast descent after the lake down to Valley Highway. The descent gets rough at the bottom, do not get overconfident!
* Twin Oaks is another challenging climb, one that should be sought out, not avoided.
* Elfin Forest is a nature preserve valley, ruined now by an out of control development at Country Club Rd.
* Del Dios Highway is a scenic rolling road alongside Lake Hodges. Great views and descents.
* Rancho Santa Fe is well worth coming back to for biking exploration. Low traffic and wealthy homes, with an orchard at every turn.
* Coast Highway is easy on the legs as well as the eyes for a closing finish.
* Pacific St is the designated cycling route through Oceanside.