264 Burts Roller Coaster Classic. 67 mi, 6250 ft el, 93 ft/mi.

0.0Start Start of route
0.1 R CA-76
0.6 L Camino Del Rey
0.9 L Camino Del Rey
1.2 L W Lilac
9.7 L W Lilac
11.5 L Lilac
13.6 L Couser Canyon
18.5 L CA-76
18.7 R Rice Canyon
23.7 L 8th
23.9 R Cam Rainbow
24.1 L 5th
24.3 U Break market
24.4 L Rainbow Valley
25.9 R Old 395
26.5 = Rainbow Canyon Rd/Rainbow Valley
29.0 L Pechanga
29.1 R CA-79 Temecula
29.5 L Jedediah Smith
29.9 L Cabrillo
30.8 R Vallejo
30.9 L Santiago
31.6 = 1st
31.8 L Pujol
32.4 = Cam Estribo
34.6 R Via Tornado
34.8 L Via Santa Rosa
35.2 L Via Vaquero
41.7 R Via Vaquero
42.3 L De Luz
60.4 L Kalmia
60.4 R Main
61.4 R Ammunition
61.5 L Mission
65.0 R Hellers Bend
66.0 R Mission
67.4 L return to start

Burt says: One of our favorite rides that has something for everyone. The always wonderful Lilac, Couser, Rice, through Rainbow to Temecula, followed by the always exciting roller coaster. The challenge of the full length of Via Vaquero including our break at Cross Creek Golf Club after mile 41. The shaded fast drop down De Luz Road and the hump back up to the high point at Harris Trail and the wild drop back down to the Santa Margarita River and the always awful climb up to Fallbrook. If it was hot, we'd stop for yogurt, but probably not, so we'll make the fast downhill run back to Bonsall.