197. Bonsall via Camino Del Rey. 38 miles, 2158 ft el, 55 ft/mi.

0.0 R Via Vera Cruz
0.4 L Discovery
0.7 R Craven
1.6 L Rush
2.0 R Barham
3.6 L Woodland
5.1 R El Norte
5.3 L Country Club
5.5 R Country Club
6.4 L Nutmeg
7.2 L Centre City
9.5 = Champagne
12.5 Regroup L Welk
15.0 L Camino del Rey
19.7 R Camin del Rey
20.0 R McDonald´s -
20.0 U Camin del Rey
20.2 L Camin del Rey
24.9 R Champagne
30.1 R Deer Springs
Regroup ARCO
32.6 = Twin Oaks V
35.4 R Richmar
36.0 L Liberty
36.1 R Mission
37.1 L Las Posas
37.5 L Grand
37.6 R Via Vera Cruz
38.0 R OCRR

This is a classic. The worst part of the ride is Deer Springs at mile 30-32, which is a fast descent on a busy highway with limited shoulder. Claim the lane and ride in the center or right tire track, which makes drivers intentionally pass by crossing the center line. This works better than hugging the edge line, which encourages drivers to squeeze by with inches to spare regardless of oncoming traffic.