181 Highlights of N County Century. 101 mi, 7364 ft el, 73 ft/mi.

0.0 L Coast Hwy 101
0.8 L Eaton
0.9 R Broadway
1.3 L Cassidy
1.4 R Pacific
3.9 R RR underpass to SLR trail
3.9 L San Luis Rey River Trail
10.9 L San Luis Rey River Trail
11.5 L Andrew Jackson
11.6 R Tyler
11.7 L San Luis Rey River Trail
12.6 = N Santa Fe
14.6 L Osborne
15.3 L Hutchison
16.8 R E Vista
17.0 L Gopher Canyon
18.2 L Little Gopher Canyon
19.7 R Old River
21.6 R Camino Del Rey
21.9 L W Lilac
30.4 L W Lilac
32.2 R Lilac
33.8 L Lilac
37.1 R Valley Center
38.3 L Woods Valley
41.5 Break Bates Nut Farm
42.6 R Lake Wohlford
48.5 L Valley
48.9 R Beven
49.0 L Escondido River trail
49.5 R El Norte
52.1 R Ash
53.5 L Rincon
53.8 = Country Club
55.8 L Country Club
55.9 R El Norte
56.2 L Woodland
57.7 L Barham
58.0 R La Moree
59.8 L Campus View
60.4 R Craven
60.7 L Twin Oaks Valley
62.2 = San Elijo
64.4 L Elfin Forest
64.8 Refuel Albertsons
67.5 = Harmony Grove
71.8 R Harmony Grove
72.2 R Harmony Grove
72.5 R Hale
73.0 R Ave Del Diablo
73.2 L Citracado
73.7 R W Valley / Del Dios
81.8 R El Montevideo
81.9 L Mimulus
82.8 L Ave De Acacias
82.8 R Via De La Cumbre
83.5 L San Elijo
84.0 R Via De Fortuna
84.8 L El Mirlo
85.9 R Rancho Santa Fe
86.1 L Harvest Market Refuel
86.2 L Manchester
87.7 L Manchester
89.5 L San Elijo
90.1 L Chesterfield
90.2 R Coast Hwy 101
101.0 L return to start

Century highlights many of the most popular cycling routes in North Couunty:
* Pacific St (mile 1-4) is the designated cycling route through Oceanside.
* San Luis Rey Trail (mile 4-12) is the longest dedicated bike path in the county, and popular among cyclists who want to avoid the road.
* Little Gopher Canyon (mile 18-20) is nasty to get to (usually avoid Gopher Canyon Road), and is short, but it is one of the prettiest roads in the county, and worth the trouble.
* Lilac (mile 22-37) is a great climb, beautiful N County scenery. It would be a shame to "improve" it into a highway to Valley Center.
* Woods Valley (mile 38-42) is wooded and curvy, and taking a break at Bates Nut Farm is a treat.
* Lake Wohlford (mile 42-48) is a wonderful rolling rural lakeside road, with a fast descent after the lake down to Valley Highway. The descent gets rough at the bottom, do not get overconfident!
* Twin Oaks (mile 61-62) is another challenging climb, one that should be sought out, not avoided.
* Elfin Forest (mile 64-71) is a nature preserve valley, ruined now by an out of control development at Country Club Rd.
* Del Dios Highway (mile 74-82) is a scenic rolling road alongside Lake Hodges. Great views and descents.
* Rancho Santa Fe (Mile 81-86) is well worth coming back to for biking exploration. Low traffic and wealthy homes, with an orchard at every turn.
* Coast Highway (mile 90-101) is easy on the legs as well as the eyes for a closing finish.