180 Udo Heinz memorial ride. 57 mi, 6105 ft el, 107 ft/mi.

0.0 N El Camino Real
0.6 R Faraday
1.6 R El Fuerte
4.7 L Corintia
6.3 R Melrose
7.4 L San Elijo
8.6 R Elfin Forest W
11.4 L Questhaven
14.5 R San Elijo
15.8 = Twin Oaks Valley
17.7 R Barham
19.1 L Woodland
20.6 R El Norte
20.9 L Country Club
21.0 R Country Club
23.0 L Broadway
26.0 R Cougar Pass
26.3 L Cougar Pass
27.5 L Cougar Pass / Alps
27.8 L Meadow Glen
28.0 L Granite Ridge
28.2 R Mtn Meadows
30.4 R Champagne
35.6 L Camino Del Rey
40.2 L Old River
42.1 L Little Gopher Canyon
43.6 R Gopher Canyon
44.8 L Vista
45.7 L Warmlands
46.2 R Warmlands
48.1 L Foothill
48.2 R Foothill
49.8 L Monte Vista
50.4 R Buena Creek
51.5 R Santa Fe
51.6 L Robelini
51.9 = Sycamore
54.5 L Melrose
54.9 R Faraday
56.7 L El Camino Real
57.3 Return to start

Memorial ride for Udo Heinz 11/15/2013.
Udo Heinz is the rider who was killed on Camp Pendleton as his group of 3 was rear-ended by an inattentive (one hopes) NCTD bus driver. Udo's wife, Antje, a four-time California State Time Trial Champion, has ridden the NCCC Sunday ride on occasion. Udo and Antje have two children, aged 7 & 9. Udo and Antje are members of the Ranchos Cycling Club and have friends in NCCC. The cycling community is hoping for a turnout of thousands to show support for Udo's family and make a real statement to the county that this is an extremely important issue for cyclists in San Diego and we expect better training for NCTD bus drivers, which SDCBC is spearheading, and increased awareness by all motorists of cyclists' rights.