161 Bandy, Stud, Dios. 47 mi, 4246 ft el, 90 ft/mi.

0.0 N park entrance
0.3 = Mary
2.1 R Summit
3.1 R Old San Pasqual
3.9 R San Pasqual
4.1 L Old Pasqual
5.9 R CA-78
8.2 R Bandy Canyon
12.7 R Highland Valley
16.7 R Pomerado
17.1 = W Bernardo
19.6 R Rancho Bernardo
22.1 R Camino Del Sur
25.7 R San Dieguito
28.3 R El Apajo
28.9 = Via De Santa Fe
29.9 R Via De La Valle
30.5 R Las Colinas
32.1 = El Vuelo
33.2 R La Valle Plateada
33.4 R Paseo Delicias
38.8 R Rancho
39.0 = Lake
41.1 R Via Rancho
41.3 L Highlands W
41.3 R Lundy Lake
42.0 = dirt path
42.0 L Eucalyptus
42.7 R Hamilton
43.2 R Bernardo
44.0 L Bernardo / Felicita
44.6 L Via Rancho
44.7 R Quiet Hills
45.2 R Via Rancho
46.1 = Bear Valley
46.6 L Kit Carson Park
47.1 = return to start

Bandy Canyon is one of the best bike roads in the county, but getting there on Hwy 78 is harrowing.
CA-78 is narrow two-lane 60mph highway, no shoulder.
Climbing out of Bandy Canyon is a great challenge. Enjoy!
In Rancho Santa Fe, Las Colinas & El Vuelo are known in cycling circles as "Stud Loop," a great place to test your limits.
Return climb up Del Dios is scenic, but busy, so get off and go down to the lake at Rancho.
This route takes a circuitous detour on the final leg to avoid Via Rancho Pkwy, a nasty road.