104 - Elfin Forest, Del Dios, Solana Beach 50 miles, 3511 ft el, 70 ft/mi

Start OCRR
 0.0 R San Marcos
 2.4 = Palomar Airport
 3.4 L Melrose  
 6.0 L San Elijo
 7.7 R Elfin Forest
10.6 = Harmony Grove
14.9 R Harmony Grove
15.5 R Harmony Grove
15.6 R Hale
16.0 R Avenida Diablo
16.2 L Citracado
16.8 R Valley/Del Dios
24.8 =  Paseo Delicias
25.7 Stop - RSF Regroup
25.9 R Linea del Cielo
28.1 = Lomas SantaFe
31.1 R Coast Hwy 101
40.8 R Palomar Airport
47.1 = San Marcos
49.5 L OCRR

Nothing special, just the best of the best.
Elfin Forest is a great scenic ride with no stop signs for 7 miles - a great place to time trial.
Del Dios gives scenic views of Lake Hodges, and the ride through Rancho Santa Fe to the Coast is wooded and rolling.
The Coast Highway is one of the best stretches for biking and sightseeing in California.
Finish with a slogging climb up Palomar Airport Road. Nice bike lane, but a busy arterial highway.