19 - Tuesday Night 5PM Workout. 28 miles, 1674 ft el, 60 ft/mi

0.0 N El Camino
1.5 R Olivenhain
2.4 R Rancho Santa Fe
4.0 L El Camino Del Norte
7.5 R Paseo Delicias
8.0 L La Valle Plateada
8.2 L El Vuelo
9.5 = Las Colinas
11.0 L Via De La Valle
STOP after turn REGROUP
11.6 L Via de Santa Fe
12.7 L El Apajo
13.2 R San Dieguito
16.5 R El Camino Real
17.0 R Via De La Valle
17.1 L El Camino Real
18.4 L Lomas Santa Fe
21.4 R Coast Hwy 101
23.4 R Chesterfield
23.5 R San Elijo
24.1 = Manchester
25.9 L El Camino Real
27.7 return bike shop

You need good group biking skills to ride with this group. Fast paced (20 mph avg) evening workout. The faster cyclists break off and do "Stud Loop" on this route (La Valle Plateada, El Vuelo, and Las Colinas), and then regroup. "Slower" riders do route 20. Take this route slip and get familiar with the turns. The ride officially starts at 5:15PM, but get there at 5:00 as departure is often early. Be ready to get dropped - this is a workout, not a stick together social ride. Again, do not come if you are not confident riding in a fast paced pack.