5 La Costa to Harmony Grove. 43 miles. 3420 ft el, 80 ft/mi

0.0 E La Costa
1.3 R Saxony
2.1 L Quail Hollow
2.5 R Quail Gardens
3.7 L Leucadia
4.6 = Olivenhain
5.6 L Rancho Santa Fe *
8.6 R San Elijo
10.5 R Elfin Forest
13.0 = Harmony Grove
17.3 R Harmony Grove
18.0 R Harmony Grove
17.9 R Hale
18.4 R Avenida del Diablo
18.6 L Citracado
19.2 R Valley
19.7 = Del Dios
26.6 R El Camino del Norte
28.6 L Via de Fortuna
29.6 R El Mirlo
30.6 L La Bajada
31.2 R Los Morros
31.5 R Los Morros
32.4 L El Camino Real
32.8 R El Camino Real
33.4 R Highland
33.8 R Sun Valley
34.4 L Santa Helena
35.1 R Lomas Santa Fe
36.3 R Coast Hwy 101
42.9 return La Costa

* Notes
5.6 Danger - Narrow busy
uphill 2 lane. Nasty.
6.8 R Savon Drug refuel
Elfin Forest and Harmony Grove provide one of the best country road experiences in the coastal area of the county. There are also mile markers on these roads that can be used to verify your bike computer mileage. When you pass a mile marker, count how many pedal strokes to your next tenth of a mile on your computer. A mile later, you should pass another marker, and your computer should read exactly one mile more after turning over the same number of pedal strokes.
The descent back West down Del Dios is a thrill ride, and makes up for the earlier horrors of Rancho Santa Fe.